We employ effective methods for searching, recruiting and screening candidates according to the client’s specific needs and recruitment. The candidates must pass through screening process before referring them to any client to have final screening for acceptance. Feedback and constant communication with our clients is one of the key in ensuring better talents.

  • Identify and supply qualified, experienced, well trained and dedicated work force to valued clients.
  • Match the right people with the right jobs as efficiently and as smoothly as possible.
  • Maintain and continuously re-examine the quality of service that we provide to all our applicants and employers.
  • Continuously seek feedback so as to pro-actively meet the stated needs of our applicant’s employers.


Recruitment Procedure

Information: 1st we have to receive the following information from employer concerning their requirement of worker:
Exact Job Description
Required No of Candidates
Basic Salary
Job Starting Date
Other Terms and conditions if any

Legal Documents:
If we can supply the workers as per employer details then Employer should send following documents.
Demand Letter
Power of Attorney
Employment Contract
Inter Party Agreement
Guarantee Letter

We will publish the WANTED notice to nationwide news paper and regional FM Radio Station. Most of thepre interview will be arranged at our branch office.

Pre-Selection Interview:
We will do the pre-selection interview at the given place & time which mentioned on advertisement. Our managerial level person will do the pre-interview. Once we select, we will inform them that there will be final interview in Kathmandu so come within 7 days.

Arrival of pre – selected applicant in Kathmandu:
Once the applicant arrived in Kathmandu we will arrange final interview and trade test as per instruction give my the Employer.

After interview we will get 3 category of the final selected applicant.

1.    Who has working experience and just need to give them short training.
2.    Who doesn’t have working experience and need to give them full training.
3.    Who doesn’t need training because they have applied for unskilled job.

: We will start the training as per the categories. Training will be given as per the instruction given by the selection committee and training will follow accordingly. After 7 days we will see the progress of the trainee.

Forwarding the final list for visa application:
After seeing the progress of training we will send documents to employer for visa application who are showing their confidence to work as per job description.

Selection Procedure

Registration of the candidates: Responding to our advertisement and verbal information through our agents, different candidates enquire us regarding the demand placed by the Client. They are asked to visit our company and submit their information in the application form, along with CV and all other necessary documents.
Initial Screening:
On the basis of the documents submitted by the applicants, initial screening is done.

Pre-interview & skills test:
The candidates shortlisted after the initial selection are called upon for pre-interview and skills test. The interview and the test are mainly focused to evaluate whether the candidates meet the specification set by the clients like language proficiency, qualification, experience, physical characteristics, ageetc. Skill testing is conducted by the Government approved independent institution.

Final interview
: The candidates qualified in the pre-interview are again called for the final interview. Final interview is generally held in the presence of the representative from the Employer’s company, if the client feels necessary.
Medical Examination: The Candidates selected after the final interview are sent for medical examination.

Psychological test:

Verification test & background investigations:

Final candidates’ list:
All the candidates qualifying the above tests are included in the final list. The documents of those candidates are forwarded to the client for the VISA process.

Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions are based on the requirement of the client so you can decide as per your convenience.

1. Service charge need to be paid by Employer: The employer will provide the air ticket to selected workers join the company & will pay our service charge. If you accept this condition, you will have lots of choices for selecting the candidates, as there will be high number of applicants.

2. Service charge need to be paid by Employee: The employer will provide the air ticket to selected workers join the company & will not pay our service charge. If you accept this condition, you will have lesser choices for selecting the candidates than clause [1], as there will be lesser number of candidates.

3. Service charge & Joining air ticket to be paid by Employee: The employer will not provide air ticket to join the company and slo will not pay our charge.We will collect our service charge from the candidate. If you accept this condition, you will have lesser choices for selecting the candidates than clause [2], as there will be lesser number of candidates.

The service charge is always negotiable. If you think these conditions are not suitable to you, please let us know your appropriate terms and conditions, so we can discuss about it.



NS International not only recruits the candidate but also train and make them qualified Manpower of our client. We train the candidate various basic skills and specialize skills and train the expert manpower.

1. Our personnel are sent to training centers for specific skill development and capacity building. We want them to be adroit, diligent and dependable. Hence we provide them with psychological sessions to enhance their inner faculty. It’s confidence that counts in making a person competent. At the end of the day, we have a workforce, which is raring to go that ‘extra mile’ with high fervor, unbounded determination and supreme confidence.

2. The easy familiarity with English language, even at the low cadres of labour, eliminates the communication barrier. This fact alone paves the way to higher productivity. Realizing this, we train our people in the languages before placing them, but that depends on the need of the employer. We are associated with Leading Institute, a leading Language training center in Kathmandu, which takes care of the language requirements of our manpower.

3. Besides providing language training, we also brief our workforce on the socio-cultural requirements of a specific country. We believe that our human resources need a good understanding of the people, the culture, the tradition, etc. of the place before leaving for the sites.

4. When we send our people abroad we expect a certain amount of remuneration, which is better than what is available in the country and make sure that their labour pays rich dividends. The salary should go with their ability, training and experience as also the norms of the place of work.


This unique service by NS International  may go unnoticed by the world, but our valued patrons graciously acknowledge it.

‘Culture Shock’ can be a negative influence on the individual performance. Prior and proper briefing has always alleviated any impact of sudden change in a trans-frontier employment.

NS International conducts this session for EVERY selected candidate prior to his departure for his work station, e.g. Saudi Arabia being the abode of Islamic faith, all non-Muslim candidates are meticulously acquainted with the principal faith, the local laws, the customs and the proper code of conduct, strict adherence to these is forcefully stressed.